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Vanishing Point

film installation (2 mar, vc, vln)

"In our humanity, there is a vanishing point. We step in and out of it; it’s a kind of zone in which we shift in each other’s perspective from definite to indefinite, and vice versa.”
      – Karl Ove Knausgaard

Taking inspiration from Knausgaard’s writing on art’s power to bolster our common humanity, Vanishing Point is a multi-channel film installation that meditates on the process of humanizing others. The three projected shots show a line of musicians emerging from the distance as the music they play becomes more audible. The sound of their instruments ebbs and flows, forming a constantly shifting trio playing a coherent piece of music across the three screens.

The changing proximity and the resultant shifts in visual and sonic focus symbolize the moments when we recognize the humanity of strangers and the moments when they leave our sphere of reality.


photos by Aram Boghosian

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